Fortitude Fitness Story: Jim Coll


Three years ago I had become dangerously overweight and likely on the verge of many serious health problems. While I never stopped exercising completely, my physical activity had degenerated to occasional sessions on an elliptical bike or treadmill, that were neither satisfying, nor very impactful on my overall health. I began a medically supervised weight loss program, and managed to lose a lot of weight, but still found my exercise routine to be lacking. 


Around that time I wandered into a CrossFit gym almost accidentally, and although I was initially very intimidated, I began attending a couple of classes a week. Over 2 years later I am still doing CrossFit 3-5 times a week, and the changes in my strength, flexibility, and body composition are remarkable.


     For myself, and I suspect many others, the CrossFit experience, good or bad, is largely dependent on the coaching staff. Shaun Kneafsey is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and is one of the chief reasons I have maintained the level of commitment that I have. I followed Shaun from that original gym to his beautiful new co-owned facility in Somerville in March of 2018. Shaun utilizes the most valuable components of the CrossFit regime to craft a program that is both challenging and still adaptable for all his members. I have personally witnessed Shaun’s programming benefit both elite athletes, as well as reclamation projects like myself. That is why I can whole heartedly recommend Shaun and the Fortitude Fitness coaching staff to both new and seasoned athletes alike.

David Licata