5 Myths about CrossFit


Starting something new is always intimidating, but that is how you grow. A lot of times we let the couple of bad things we have heard about something influence us more than the numerous good things that can come from that very same thing. This is especially true in the fitness industry. Our perception of fitness is usually depicted by whatever our thumbs are scrolling by on our smart phones. This can lead to many misconceptions about exercise routines, training methodologies, and barriers to entry. Many people have seen the benefits of the training methodology CrossFit, but often people are too intimidated to try it because they have heard only bad things. I want to break down some of the common myths that the public has about CrossFit.  

1) “CrossFit is too intense/advanced for me” 

CrossFit can be scalable to meet the needs of any individual. This means, no matter what your fitness level currently is, it can always be personalized to what works best for YOU! This could be changing weights, movements, volume, and many other variables to have it fit your goals.  A good coach is key to helping you personalize your fitness needs. 

 2) “I do not want to lift weights, I will get bulky” 

Resistance or weight training helps develop lean muscle tissue. If you were to only lift weights then you could maybe get bulky, but CrossFit incorporates other elements of fitness like gymnastic or bodyweight movements as well as conditioning to help keep body fat levels low and increase cardiac health. Striking a balance across the various aspects of fitness is CrossFit’s main goal of being well rounded.

3) “CrossFit will get you hurt” 

Bad coaching and supervision will get anybody hurt. The brand CrossFit often takes the blame for many injuries that could have been prevented simply by having a good coach. This could be anything from facility layout to proper workout progressions. If you perform well rounded warm-ups, maintain technique, and are willing to work with your coach, then you will have a healthy and productive experience that will help meet your fitness goals - whatever those may be.  

 4) “CrossFit is what I have seen on TV right?” 

CrossFit has a yearly event called the CrossFit games which is labeled a test of fitness. There are many things like what you see on TV that our members do, but also, there are many differences when using CrossFit as a fitness methodology. The professional athletes train over three hours a day and need to meet demands for the “unknown” in their sport. In the class setting, workouts are typically one hour and are designed to fit the needs of everyone regardless of their fitness level. As you grow over time, your coach will help you evolve your training schemes to keep up with your increased performance and health. If you think what you see on TV is too intense, see “Myth” #1 above.   

 5) “CrossFit is too expensive” 

While the price at other gyms may be lower, you must think about what you are getting in return. CrossFit facilities offer one-hour classes of expert coaching, usually for a membership that is unlimited for the entire month. You will learn new skills and use specialty equipment designed to keep you constantly progressing towards your goals. You also train with other people forging a strong community which makes it fun and keeps you accountable and consistent. Most of us can find $5-$7 dollars we could save a day to invest in our health and fitness long term.  

 I hope some of the things in this article will inspire you to try CrossFit if you are looking to achieve your fitness goals. Create your own opinion about it by taking a class at our facility. See you in class!  


Shaun Kneafsey

Fortitude Fitness

Director of Training



David Licata