How to Track your Nutrition


Tracking your food and nutrition daily is not a long-term solution for most, but everyone should try it at least once to create an awareness. Without an accurate account of what we are ingesting, we do not have a place to start a nutritional assessment. Now that we know the differences in macro nutrients from our "Nutrition 101" blog post, let us begin to look into our daily nutrition habits.  

Mobile apps like My Fitness Pal have made it significantly easier to input foods and portions sizes to ensure accuracy as best as possible. You can scan bar codes or measure foods to create an entire log for every meal. If you are old school, you could simply use a notebook or journal. Here are the two simplest ways for tracking your nutrition: 

1) Use portion size comparisons 

There are many portion charts that help us know the amount or size of food we are taking in: 

For example: 

Deck of cards= 3-4oz (meats/proteins) 

Baseball/Fist = 1 Cup (grains/veggies/carbohydrates) 

Full Thumb= tablespoon (nuts/fats) 

Thumb Tip= teaspoon (olive oil/fats) 

2) Food scale/measuring cups 

A food scale and measuring cups are going to be your most accurate tool for tracking food. Simply weigh or measure your proteins, carbs, and fats before you log them into an app like My Fitness Pal or write them down in a notebook. The more accurate your log is, the better baseline you will have going forward to improving your nutrition lifestyle.  

All Fortitude Fitness members interested in improving your nutrition, download the app "My Fitness Pal" or buy a notebook and track and log your food as accurately as possible for an entire week. Yes, that includes anything you might feel "guilty" about eating. Just be honest with yourself and with our coaches. No one is perfect, but we can always improve. Once you have tracked for an entire week, turn in your logs at class or to our email at for our coaches to look over and give you the next step! Looking forward to seeing everyone improve and get closer to their goals.  


Shaun Kneafsey

Fortitude Fitness

Director of Training


David Licata