Keys to Fitness Goal Achievement

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January is a huge time for fitness enthusiast as a new calendar creates an empowering feeling for creating change. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or have been training for years, one of the hardest aspects will always be staying on track for your goals. To improve your chances for success, focus on four main things. Clearly defining a goal, creating a system for that goal, progressive and varied training as well as accountability.  


Clearly defined goal: 

What is your WHY? The underlying emotional tie to your goal will always drive you for longer than any superficial reason. Some examples could be you want to be a good example for your kids, improving overall fitness during a heath related condition, or you have anxious and stressful tendencies and working out helps calm that extra negative energy. Sure, everyone wants 6-pack abs, but why? Were you recently dumped and need to boost your self-confidence? Do you want your spouse to look at you the way they did when you first met? These are real emotional ties to a goal.  

Create a system: 

The only difference between the person who succeeds at their goal and the one who doesn’t is they create a system for success. A great quote for this is “Losers have goals, winners have systems,” Scott Adams (Creator of Dilbert Cartoon). This is not suggesting that goals are bad, but more important is how are you going to set yourself up for that goal? For example, if a client has a goal to lose 15 pounds, they should accompany that goal with their emotional tie to the goal as well as a plan for achieving it. A better way to write the goal could be; “I want to lose 15 pounds to be more active with my young children. I will do so by taking four coach-led group fitness classes per week and eating one serving of vegetables with every meal.” That is a SYSTEM!  

Progressive & Varied training:  

Everyone has a different level of experience and it is important to find programs that are putting you on a path to success. Try something to easy and you won’t see the results that you want. Trying things too far out of your reach and you could lead to being discouraged, burnt out, or even injured. The key is having a plan in place to help you progress for the long term. Focus on the main aspects of training that will progress you towards your goals but also add it a lot of variety to help keep your mind and body fresh!  


Sticking to a goal by yourself can be very challenging. Having a community or a coach to keep you accountable along the process will improve your chances for success. Finding a workout community where people are like-minded and encouraging can help when motivation or discipline may be lacking. The best form of accountability is a coach. A coach can provide guidance on appropriate training plans as well as keeping you disciplined to sticking to that plan.  

Shaun Kneafsey 

Fortitude Fitness 

Co-Owner/Director of Training

David Licata