How to approach the CrossFit Open

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The CrossFit Open begins in just over one week and that anxious excitement is beginning to rise! Whether you like it or not, we had a quick turnaround from this previous March, but it is the best time of the year to show the strength of our community. Everyone has different goals and experience levels so for that reason I want to offer some suggestions for how we should approach the Open this year.   



This years focus should be solely on the experience! It will most likely be your first time working out with a judge, and that can be intimidating. Movement quality throughout all five weeks should be a priority as you set yourself up for a long-term approach to a healthier lifestyle. Meet new friends and treat it like any other workout in a class setting. Expect high fives and lots of cheers from your peers as you finish the workout! 


Recreational Fitness Enthusiast: 

This is going to be most people participating in the Open. You come 3-6 days a week and a healthy lifestyle is a priority. Your expectations should mirror your commitment to becoming fitter and healthier. We cannot expect the same outcome as someone who has committed more time over the past couple months. Focus on YOUR effort and having fun! While the movement standards created by CrossFit HQ create a level playing field, it can sometimes frustrate people and how they perform. If you tend to move too fast in class and not focus on quality like our coaches preach, this is where you could run into a problem. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast! The best advice is to focus on slowing down just a bit to make each rep count. Just remember the friendships and the community will last longer than these Open scores!  



You train to compete. PERIOD. This group’s purpose behind working out is solely to see how they stack up against others with a common goal. You most likely train 90+ mins a day then eat, sleep, and recover like a professional athlete. Focus on your routine and the things you can control. Video tape the workout every time. Write down splits. At the top of the game, every second and rep matters. You should be doing this in your training already and if you haven’t, better start now. As they say, “the hay is in the barn,” so the only thing left to do is execute what you have been training for all year.


While your performance this year can be a big motivator for the next year ahead, do not let it be the only focus! Fitness is much more than just these couple of tests and movements you will see over the course of the next five weeks. The Open provides us with a great time to come together with like-minded people to really push ourselves to our limits.  Excited for a year of PR’s, high fives, and especially celebratory beers! 

David Licata