CrossFit Fort Raritan

We call ourselves Fortitude Fitness (aka The Fort), but we are affiliated with CrossFit under the official name CrossFit Fort Raritan.  Each year in Feb/Mar we look forward to participating in the CrossFit Games Open in which athletes of all levels of ability and experience get test their fitness by completing 5 workouts over the course of 5 weeks.  At the Fort, we look forward to getting together to watch the announcements of the workouts on Thursday night, and then cheer each other on when we complete the workouts on Saturday mornings.  And we especially enjoy grabbing some lunch and drinks afterward!  Its definitely the most fun time of year for CrossFit and for our community.  We encourage everyone to participate.


Is CrossFit too advanced for me?

CrossFit can be scalable to meet the needs of any individual. This means, no matter what your fitness level currently is, it can always be personalized to what works best for YOU! This could be changing weights, movements, volume, and many other variables to have it fit your goals.  A good coach is key to helping you personalize your fitness experience.

Will I Get Hurt?

Bad coaching and supervision will get anybody hurt. CrossFit often takes the blame for many injuries that could have been prevented simply by having a good coach. This could be anything from facility layout to proper workout progressions. If you perform well rounded warm-ups, maintain technique, and are willing to work with your coach, then you will have a healthy and productive experience that will help meet your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

Does CrossFit make you bulky?

Resistance or weight training help develop lean muscle tissue. If you were to only lift weights then you could maybe get bulky, but CrossFit incorporates other elements of fitness like gymnastic or bodyweight movements as well as conditioning to help keep body fat levels low and increase cardiac health. Striking a balance across the various aspects of fitness is CrossFit’s main goal. 

What if I'm still not convinced?

JetFit is a great entry point for those apprehensive about CrossFit. We eliminate the use of a barbell (we understand some people are intimidated by it) and encourage our coaching staff to be creative with other equally efficient training tools. 


Common Terminology

WOD- "Workout of the day" 

Mobility- actively increasing range of motion to help execute proper movement positions

Movement Prep- aka "warm-up," getting our core body temperature up and executing movements specific to the workout of the day

Skill- time to slow things down and solely focus on perfecting technique across our wide variety of movements

Strength- movements designed to help you feel strong and resilient! 

Metcon- "metabolic conditioning," cardiac health development with the use of numerous training movements and time domains

Auxiliary- movements that supplement the days training. It may be named "auxiliary," but it is equally as important as every other aspect mentioned above

Cool Down- this portion is used to finish off a training session to kickstart the recovery process. Expect stretching, breathe work, and other modalities to help the body and nervous get ready for the next day!

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