Our Facility

Fortitude Fitness is a modern 6,000-square-foot functional fitness facility conveniently located a few hundred meters east of the Somerville Circle (routes 206/202/28/22/287) and one mile west of Somerville’s town center. Affiliated as CrossFit Fort Raritan, our facility is stocked with the newest equipment from Rogue, including 11 squat stations across three custom colored rigs, 12 brand new Rogue Echo Bikes (sorry Assault), 12 Concept 2 Rowers, 6 Echo Sleds, 26 Sets of Rings, 6 Climbing Ropes, 6 Crossover Symmetry Sets, etc etc etc.  As if  that's not enough, we splurged on kick-ass bathroom and shower facilities, including five individual showers and additional dry changing rooms.  And yes, we even have AC!

Our facility is the culmination of a major renovation project of what used to be the Somerset Lawn and Garden store.  Our goal has been to elevate the CrossFit experience  while preserving the industrial feel.  We are proud to have re-purposed pre-existing hard wood flooring and heat piping into show pieces.