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Affiliated as CrossFit Fort Raritan, we are a CrossFit gym at our core. We believe that CrossFit is the most well-rounded fitness program that is adaptable to the specific needs of each individual member. This program combines elements of strength, body-weight movements, and cardiovascular training to help build fitness across all spectrums. While this program is certainly beginner friendly, we add more complexity, skills, and heavier weights to really push members to their fitness potential.

Sample Training Day


- 15 mins Build to Heavy Power Snatch


4 Rounds for Time

- 10 Chest-to-Bar Pullups

- 15 Power Snatches 115/85#

See additional information on our dedicated CrossFit page here.

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Our JetFit program is designed to provide similar benefits to CrossFit but eliminates the barbell and other higher skilled movements that make some folks apprehensive. We encourage everyone to try CrossFit, as we take pride in our ability to personalize all workouts and movements to each person's experience and ability. However, we also appreciate that JetFit may be a more comfortable entry point for those just starting out or as a bridge program into our CrossFit classes by learning simple strength movements and conditioning.

Sample Training Day


- 5 Sets

- 10 Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press


- 16 min Amrap

- 20 Wallballs

- 20 Ring Rows

- 30 Jumping Lunges



Our Engine program is designed to get you MOVING! Period. This program is a great entry point for those who are beginners and want to create the habit of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. All levels of athletes can benefit from this program by developing greater conditioning and a balanced cardiovascular system to support other forms of training. Expect to sweat a lot, burn calories, and get those heart rates high!

Sample Training Day

30 mins w/partner:

- 500m Row (Each)

- 75 Jump Ropes (Each)

- 10 Cal Bike (Each)

- Rest 2 mins

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Intro to CrossFit

Our introduction program goes over the basic movements you will see in our CrossFit program. We will spend a lot of time developing the technique for some of these movements in a small group setting. Expect to be more confident in class after attending these four foundational classes. Learn about where your current abilities are and how to intelligently progress going forward. Of course, we finish each class with a nice workout too!

Sample Training Day


- Air Squat

- Goblet Squat

- Wallball

- Front Squats


12 min Amrap

- 300m Row

- 12 DB Thrusters

- 10 Burpees

- Rest 1 min

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Personal Training

For those wanting personal one-on-one training with their coach, we offer both personal and semi-personal training at scheduled times with dedicated coaches. Send a note to Shaun at, or speak to your coach to make arrangements.


Open Gym

We provide "open gym" hours on our schedule to indicate when our members are welcome to use a dedicated section of our facility to work out on their own time. Maybe you want to practice those illusive double-unders or work on your front squat, or perhaps you couldn't make class today but still want to get the blood flowing. We understand the value of flexibility, and we will do our best to provide as much open gym time as possible. That said, our expectation is that we will see you in class because it's the best path to fitness, and participation is the foundation of our community.

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Student Performance

Our Student Athlete Performance Program is tailored to provide sport-specific training in a motivating coach-led, class-based environment which encourages accountability, hard work, and safety. Training will focus on elements of athleticism including strength, power, speed, agility, and conditioning. We can design a flexible, after school program around any sport, team, or individual looking to get an edge. We encourage coaches, parents and athletes to stop in and learn more. Alternatively, send a note to to get the conversation started.


Travel Programming

Do you travel a lot and struggle to maintain your workout regimen? Do your travel requirements deter you from signing up for a membership? We get it, which is why we offer free travel programming ideas which tailor workouts to the limited equipment options found in most hotel gyms.