Meet the Team


Shaun Kneafsey - Director of Training, Co-Owner & Head Coach

I grew up prioritizing fitness since I was a young kid. With over 12 years of experience in strength training and other fitness programs, I have developed a deep understanding for creating specific changes in the body to meet members' goals. I advocate that the key to success is consistency, and building personal relationships is the foundation for long term results. Coaching others inspires me to continually learn and develop as a leader. My philosophy is a blend of scientific proven methods along with years of practical applications. Whether it is an advanced athlete or simply a beginner, I believe everyone can vastly improve. My passion in life is fitness and helping others, and I have that opportunity every time I walk into Fortitude Fitness.  

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Kelly Shedlosky - Awesome Part-Time Coach

After graduating from college and finishing up collegiate rugby, I was looking for something to fill in my fitness gaps, and I was so lucky to find CrossFit.  I immediately fell in love with the community and the constant variation each day.  The challenging workouts mixed with the technical Olympic lifts started off as supplemental workouts to rugby, but have since become my favorite fitness activity.  My combined passion for learning and CrossFit led me to start coaching in 2013.  Over my coaching career, I strive to improve my knowledge of fitness and strength training through research, interacting with fellow CrossFitters, and participating in Crossfit sponsored training classes. I'm excited to be joining the Fortitude Fitness team and working with members on their goals, whether they are are improving their air squat technique or just de-stressing after a long work day!


David Licata - Adviser & Co-Owner

I'm not a coach.  I just really love CrossFit and highly value the benefits of being a part of the community.  When Shaun approached me with his aspirations to open his own facility, I realized we'd make a very effective partnership with his coaching prowess and my business background.  Fast forward and we are now the proud owners of our very own gym!

I am excited to help manage and grow The Fort, although my primary expertise is providing financial leadership to private companies.  Currently I am the part-time CFO for, an online kids clothing store, and a board member and adviser to the leadership team at Nordeus, a mobile gaming company based in Serbia.  My prior experience includes leading the finance functions of and, and working as a CPA for PwC.

CrossFit has been a major part of my life since 2013 having taken my first class shortly after kicking a 9-month addiction to pain medication which left me extremely unhealthy and vulnerable.  My wife convinced me to try CrossFit, where I met Shaun and other coaches, and as importantly, a community of amazing friends.  As a result, I am both mentally and physically healthier and stronger than ever before.  I'm extremely grateful to have found CrossFit when I was at my low point, and by opening Fortitude Fitness, I want to pay it forward.